Florian van Roekel - Middelbare school (12 of 16)

Documenting the daily.

I focus on capturing the essence of everyday life, exploring how people respond to daily challenges.

I highlight subtle moments where individuals find solace and regain control amidst constant transformation.

My work often explores the longing to be elsewhere or in another time. I guide viewers' interpretations using specific visual references, evoking particular eras or media types.

How Terry likes his Coffee

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My style of photographing daily life lends itself well for capturing your clients' attention, due to its mixture of esthetics and a raw, larger than life depiction of the world around us.

Clients include:

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Working with students, professional and amateur photographers gives me a great sense of fulfilment.

My background as both a therapist and photographer helps me analyse both creator and creation. I enjoy digging deeper within someones work and finding out what could be in the hidden depths below.

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